The Small Town of Edgewood

Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Population: 1687
GP Limit: 800 Gold Pieces
Community Wealth: 73320 Gold Pieces.

Edgewood is ruled by Baron Stephen Aldric, though most day to day business is handled by the Edgewood Council of Elders and is a growing small town, population around 1,700 (70% Human, 10% Half-Elf, 8% Hobbit, 6% Elf, 4% Dwarf, 2% other), whose economy is primarily agricultural and mining based. There is a stone gate house, a defensive wooden pallisade around the town and an interior stone wall, some civic buildings (temple, city hall, guard tower, noble manor houses). Magic items are less common in the area and you don’t see a lot of magic emporiums and the like, though there are a few apothecaries and scribes. The court wizard Throreth has a large stone tower on the hill southeast of town with a few surrounding wooden buildings that have mostly fallen into disuse.

The town has many wooden buildings that are very sparsely populated. The more recent buildings were over built in anticipation of growth about 30 years ago but has only recently had much increase in population, mostly due to increased demand for lumber for ships in the war against The Empire of Thyatis and the recent discovery of a sizable gold vein in The Edgewood Mines. Just last year, as a compromise as to what to do with the dozens of slaves that had been confiscated from a ship searched at Riverfork Keep, another forty homes and a dozen shops were built to accommodate them.

Though the population is only about 1700, on any given day, there is an average of about 300 people visiting in the city and another 50 in the surrounding areas, like the lumber yard, mines, etc., but that has only been in the last 4 years or so, since the news of the gold vein has gotten out. Diplomatic relations with the Hobbits of The Five Shires has become difficult, but they are benefiting enough from the increase in trade in the region to not go to war yet.

To control some of the more rowdy elements brought about by the increase in trade, the town gate closes an hour after sunset and there is a curfew two hours after the gate closes. However, outside the town wall, there is King’s Beef, a rather prosperous inn in recent years, and there are a few shops that are open late for those who arrive after the town wall has closed, like Yeoman’s Barrel and Silver Cutlass.


Clever Armor owned by Zahrdahl Chuba
Gleaming Tools owned by Loy Bacher
Copper Rapier owned by Ablamar Himes
Strong Sword owned by Cathra Hammond
Silver Cutlass owned by Weriade Ohterel

Scroll and Potion Shops

King’s Potions a Scroll and Potion Shop owned by Dorian Coffen
Glorious Paper a Scroll and Potion Shop owned by Lin Kerfoot
Wizard’s Aid a Scroll and Potion Shop owned by Bae Nale
Prince’s Secret a Scroll and Potion Shop owned by Colvin Sangl

Jewelry Stores

Sublime Present a Jewelery Store owned by Lane Torja
Jeweler’s Citrine a Jewelery Store owned by Karris Keetels
Luminescent Spinel a Jewelery Store owned by Kaela Nero
Glorious Gold a Jewelery Store owned by Brianna Gilkey
Glittering Obsidian a Jewelery Store owned by Alton Launa

General Stores

Green Tools a General Store owned by Oreth Almarion
Cook’s Shovel a General Store owned by Lane Rirjas
Wonderful Implement a General Store owned by Callum Tepper
Slag Hammers a General Store owned by Cayla Fandaril
Marvelous Store a General Store owned by Gwyn Valanindil
Yeoman’s Barrel a General Store owned by Gennal Amion
Country Net a General Store owned by Arlenda Fetherolf


Jolly Mead a Tavern owned by Alper Bassett
Jacko’s Emerald a Tavern owned by Calista Jacko
Palmer’s Hero a Tavern owned by Magh Palmer
King’s Beef a Tavern owned by Fen Huczko
Arjo’s Inn a Tavern owned by Teward Arjo


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